O.L.B. – Timber Origin and Legality


Groupe de certification SEFAC (SEFAC, SEBAC, FILIÈRE BOIS)

OLB-FC management and logging certificate

SEFAC, SEBAC and FILIÈRE BOIS companies are FSC-COC certified by Bureau Veritas Certification




OLB-COC chain of custody certificate

SEFAC, SEBAC and FILIÈRE BOIS companies are FSC-COC certified by Bureau Veritas Certification



For the last 20 years, illegally purchased wood has represented a major issue regarding both private and public wood supplying policies.

As a result, since 2000, Governmental and Intergovernmental Organisations decided to consider the situation as a real threat and set up strict measures to find a solution for non acceptable practices.

For forest operators, this means a growing need to guarantee that purchased wood products are legal, which can not be separated from a good knowledge of geographical origins.


The OLB system (Origine et Légalité des Bois in French, which may be translated as Timber Origin and Legality) was developed in 2004 by Bureau Veritas Certification to meet our clients demand for an official third party certificate regarding their wood products legality.

OLB is based on:

  • A certificate intended to forest companies;
  • A certificate intended to processing and trading companies.

The OLB certificate is based on the respect of the standard for the certification of forest companies. This document describes the requirements to fulfill in order to comply with legal requirements in regards to forest management and logging activities, people employment, security, environment impact. It also mainly deals with wood traceability within the company until the sale or primary processing.

The certification of wood processing and trading companies is based on the respect of the chain of custody standard. This document describes the requirements to meet to be entitled to sell OLB certified wood and to use the OLB trademark on companies products.

In addition to OLB certification, the wood processing and trading companies can be OLB+ certified. The fulfilment of OLB+ requirements allows the company to demonstrate that it respects social and environmental supplementary principles as this is becoming increasingly a requirement for the general public, public procurements and international organizations.

The fulfilment of the additional OLB+ requirements is an additional step which is optional but is not required to obtain the OLB certificate.

OLB, an international system based on:

  • A strict and true legality;
  • Traceability requirements adapted to forest companies;
  • A simple, though efficient, follow up of wood products (chain of custody).


  • All services of the forestry Bureau Veritas department are performed by experts of this domain. They know your needs, your activity and your constraints.
  • Bureau Veritas Certification is the only one to provide this service.
  • Bureau Veritas Certification, the certification world leader has a strong international network attending in 110 countries.


Key steps in our approach are:

  • Establishment of a specific contract to your company;
  • Pre-audit (optional): gap analysis and diagnosis of your current situation compared with the standard requirements;
  • Initial Audit: to verify the requirements of the standard;
  • Certification decision and award of the certificate;
  • Surveillance audits to verify the continuing compliance of the system;
  • After a period of 5 years, renewal of the certificate. Each audit stage, a full report is given to you and we follow up your certificate throughout its validity.